The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth

It’s been a long time since I last updated this tumblog. I am not really busy, I am just a bit preoccupied of being lazy. So what’s app? I’ve been playing The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth app for three days now. It’s really my first time to play an iOS app of that kind, where you can build your kingdom as an elf or dwarf and attack another kingdom or goblin hordes. It’s just for free! This app was developed by Kabam Inc. in cooperation with Warner Bros.

Resources. You’re going to need these throughout the whole game! You need to build and upgrade farms to produce food, arboretum to produce wood, quarry to produce stone and ore vein to produce ore. You also need these to build and upgrade  other buildings like the Keep, the Academy, the Barracks and so on. Level of production per hour depends on the level of each building. So you’re going to wait for seconds up to hours to replenish enough resources for your next building. Usually, I am having a problem with my resources like wood, stone and ore. I seldom have the problem for gold and food. 

Name. My kingdom’s name is Isengard. It was the first name of a place from The Lord of the Rings which came out of my mind! Isengard was once the dwelling place of Saruman the White. I got a special item Naming Rights which I got from Gollum where I could change my kingdom’s name but I might not use it yet. My player name is Spalatrot. The root of this name is a secret.

Quests. As Gandalf says: Don’t be a fool, follow the quests system! But I, most of the time, don’t follow these quests! (You’ll have rewards like resources after finishing a certain quest) My current primary quest is to upgrade my Keep to level 5 but I won’t likely to do that because my beginner’s protection will be lost which means I will be susceptible for attacks by other mightier kingdoms so I just try to accomplish some other quests.

Warriors. You certainly need them to scout or attack other plains, mountains or kingdoms. Right now I have 220 porters, 121 mounted elves, 225 elven militia and 141 supply carts which give me a might of 1836. You need to train more of them to have a greater might. I tried to attack other plain but unfortunately I was defeated by goblins! When you were defeated in a war, your might will decrease. I was defeated three times! Awww.

Hero. I chose Gandalf as my hero. He is the leader of my warriors. I need more mithrill to train him so that he’ll level up! Lo! I must protect my kingdom! He must be stronger than the hero of the attacker if ever.

Alliance. Graill, a member/officer of our alliance named Lords of Endore accepted me. And he’s a Filipino too! I was so lucky I became a member of a rank 16 alliance. Some other higher alliance are just too (i don’t know the word) to accept me!

Buildings. You can build Keep, the heart of your city; Muster Field, lets you send attacks, reinforce allies; Barracks, to train troops; Homes, to increase your population; City Wall, protect your city and allow you to build defensive units. And a lot more…

I am now level 11 and still enjoying the game so far. Let’s see how long would I love to play this game.

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Ningas Kugon

I guess I’m suffering from this “ningas-kugon” attitude, wanting to do something then putting it off after a while or so. Some of the things I intended to do but actually failed to fulfill:

I wanted to create iOS apps before so I studied Objective-C and XCode 4 but after months of programming, my enthusiasm died.

I wanted to create my personal website and buy domain like or or any available address. I’ve been dreaming this since high school but after graduating college, I haven’t really had one.

I wanted to blog often like twice or thrice a month but I dunno what happened. I just kind of stopped or lost my interest.

I wanted to write stories and be an author of my own book. There were times when I get stressed and creating another world was my way to escape. I thought I could make a full-text story book but up to now it was never finished.

I wanted to grow taller so I searched over the net how to grow tall naturally. I found out that there are some exercises to increase your height. Over time, it wasn’t able to help me. I lost the heart to continue it.

I wanted to loose fats on some parts of my body so I bought a gym membership. Unfortunately I never used it yet.

I wanted to earn a lot so I joined UNO but I never really have the guts to continue it.

I wanted to invest in stocks, bonds or mutual funds but never really had a chance to invest.

I wanted to learn French so I tried to watch French tutorials on youtube but oh, it bore me.

I really wanted to be rich but I don’t know how to. I’ve been putting off things I thought…

Now I don’t want to finish this blog anymore so I won’t proofread it anymore and just post it before I bore myself again and not to post it anymore.

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What About Blogging?

Something inside me urges me to blog. Is it just a phase or will it last for a long time? Was it just like when I was excited studying photoshop and then suddenly got bored when I already knew the basics of photo editing?

I don’t know yet but I think blogging about some random things would make me busy now. Many stuffs are coming through my mind and I just want to share them to the world. From personal adventures and discoveries, tutorials, reviews or whatever I come up with, I’m gonna try to post about it.

I’ve been reading books, blogs, journals, and any other sort of reading materials to help myself improve writing. To formulate new ideas and to learn techniques. Grammar, ideas, sentence construction, all about those english stuffs! Through time I will be really good. I think this will lead me somewhere far more than I can imagine. Who knows?

I’m going to use tumblr now as a starting point. One day I am going to buy my own domain name and web hosting — I’m really excited about that day! That day when I think I already have a worthy content to post.

I really love it right now. I am so happy to see my posts. It’s like I’ve accomplished something. 

So, if ever you are a concerned citizen and wanted to help me, feel free to comment here. Your constructive criticism will keep me going. Thank you.

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Setting Up A Mail Account in Your iPhone

You have a Mail app in your iOS device and you are not using it? It’s like you have payed for something and then just ignored it. Well, not until now coz I’m going to teach you how to simply add an e-mail account: Yahoo!, GMail, MS Exchange, MS Hotmail, Aol, and iCloud on your iOS Mail app. I’m concluding that you already have an existing one. With this, you won’t have to go and log-in to the website anymore - just launch the Mail app and all of your messages will be downloaded seamlessly (of course you’ve got to have a fast Internet connection too!).

1. Go to settings and look for Mail, Contacts, Calendars

2. Choose the option Add Account…

3. List of available mail services are listed. Choose what account you want to add.

4. For example you want to add a Yahoo! mail account. Just put your full name, email, and password. You may leave the description at this moment.

After successfully configuring your email account, open your Mail app and all of your inbox(es) will be downloaded automatically. Now you can receive and send e-mails through your iOS device. That’s how simple it is.

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The Iron Giant

Iron Giant Theatrical Poster

"You are what you choose to be"


The Iron Giant is an animated sci-fi film about an ordinary boy, Hogarth Hughes, who met a 50-foot-tall robot from the outer space. They became good friends and learned a lot of things from each other. The alien robot was originally made to destroy humanity but because of the impact made by his crashing on earth, his memories were gone. So instead of being a weapon to kill, he was regarded as a hero when he stopped a nuclear missile to land and destroy the whole town into dust. He chose to be a “Superman” rather than to be a villain.

My Review:

I personally like this animated movie because it portrayed about the possibility of a common individual to be friends with a robot. It was released in 1999 and I think, people, many years before that, already have this idea that one day, we will have to interact with robots. Many developed countries are now devising an AI robot. I don’t know if their purpose is just for the advancement of technology or to be ready just in case there would be another war. I just hope that these robots, like the Iron Giant, whether he is programmed to destroy or not, would have the choice to be what it wanted to be.

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Everything is Possible

Day will come where I don’t have to look at those price tags anymore. Whichever clothes I like to wear, things i like to possess and gadgets i want to collect, i’ll just grab it and pay in the counter without thinking how much will it cost me. The mansion that I designed few months ago will be built up into reality. Drive a red Porsche car wherever I want. Travel around the Earth. Immerse with the country’s natives and learn their language and culture. Savor the flavor of every delectable food I eat.

everything is possibleBuild a company and secure my financial stability. Not to forget to have the best health services possible so I will also have a healthy body and mind. And also, I am going to share those moments with my family and friends. No matter how far I have traveled, I will not forget where I came from. I will keep my feet on the ground. Never forget the people who helped me. In return I will also help those people whore are in need. Always love and understand my family and friends. And thank God for every single blessing He keeps on showering me. This, one day, will come. I will always pray and patiently wait. Keep dreaming and believing.

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Just Nothing

Actually I really don’t know what to post. It’s just my nerves that tell me to blog something. Well, I guess i’ll start telling how was my day. I’m glad because today’s Friday! I got two precious days (Saturday & Sunday) to rest, to relax, to socialize and to study. I already experienced this weekend craving when I had my on-the-job training in Security Bank Makati last summer but this one is different. I already have a job and it won’t end after 240 hours of duty. How I just miss school. Now I fully realized that studying was more fun than working. But I also got to say that my stress level, I think, went down! In school, I got lot of subjects to worry about. Now, it’s only my tasks I have to worry. Ok that’s all I wanna share. I don’t know what else to say. Got to update this blog as often as I could. 

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“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go-so long as you do not stop.” - ConfuciusSo I am hoping to finish this Calculator app soon and make it more functional. Wew. Need more brains to finish this. I will push myself to learn about Objective-C and Xcode while looking for a job. Much better if I could find a company which will train me. 

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go-so long as you do not stop.” - Confucius

So I am hoping to finish this Calculator app soon and make it more functional. Wew. Need more brains to finish this. I will push myself to learn about Objective-C and Xcode while looking for a job. Much better if I could find a company which will train me. 

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Surprise Advance Birthday Party <3 Patola

I want to thank God for giving me friends like them. Just having them around me is already one of the best gift I could ever receive in life. They did a lot of effort just to give me a surprise birthday party. I will never forget that moment when everyone made their contribution for that special celebration. 

Ganito kasi un eh: Chula Vista Inn Salitran. Around 6:57 PM ng dumating kami dito ni Jhoy. Ang sabi sa kin ni Jhoy eh titignan namin ung venue for her surprise for Kuya Ambo, something like that before. Pero pagdating dun, naisip ko na, hmmm… parang iba na to ahh. Binuksan ang pinto at ilaw. First time ko makapasok sa motel. May sala din pala dito akala ko kama lang! Tapos umakyat na kami. Binuksan ang pinto at ilaw. Sabay rinig sa malakas na “Happy Birthday Xander!”. Dali-dali na silang nagtakbuhan at lumapit at bumati sa akin ng “Happy Birthday!”. Then pinaupo ako at pinapanood sa akin ang mga video greetings at messages ng iba pa naming classmates. Tapos kumain kami. Nanood. Nagkantahan. Harutan. Kwentuhan. Soundtrip. At marami pang iba…

Inisip ko nga eh, wait, what? Deserve ko ba lahat ng to? I mean, after all ng pagiging selfish ko at pagtitipid sa kanila eh ang laki ng effort nila para bigyan ako ng ganitong surprise birthday party? Sa pagrent ng room, sa foods like cake, pinya, marsh mallows, mga chichiria, sa party popper, sa party hat, sa preparation at sa marami pang iba. Ok, I was thinking again about the expenses, yeah, may contribution din naman lahat dito but the thing is I think this celebration is really expensive. Pero, kahit na ganun eh di sila nag-atubili na gawin to para sa akin. 

Yes. I already got the idea that there will be something that will happen. Something na parang napapanood sa movies. Pero sabi ko sa sarili ko, ayoko syang ma-spoil. Gusto kong ienjoy kung anu man ung posibleng mangyari. Sumagap na nga rin sa utak ko na baka may nirentahang babae tong mga to kaya sa motel ang venue! lol. 

Sa ngayon, hindi ko kayang tapatan o higitan ung birthday celebration na ginawa nila sa akin. Pero pangako ko sa sarili ko na pag mejo maganda na ung inflow ng pera ko eh one day, masusuklian ko rin kahit papaano ang kabutihang ginawa nila sa akin.

Thankful talaga ako at masaya na meron akong mga kaibigan na katulad nila. Patola - Jhoy, Elyssa, Du, Ariane, Agnes, Penny, Ella, Billie, Gierome, Maya, Kwek, maraming maraming salamat talaga. Sa classmates ko sa BIT46, tsaka kay Mam Dang at Arman, thank you din! Sa mama ko, kapatid, tita at lola na kinausap nila, salamat ng marami. Eto ung mga taong hinding hindi ko makakalimutan sa buhay :) Sa lahat ng may pakana nito, it really made my birthday extra extra special.

…oops, sa March 6 pa pala totoo kong bday :) to be continued…

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Roc and Roe

Rock and roll Roc and Roe

Roc is my white male rabbit (left) and Roe is my brown female rabbit (right). It has been already three months since I bought them in Divisoria. I think they have grown so much now. They are always eating and pooping.

I saw them while we were walking around Divi. I was thinking if I should buy them but I was hesitant because I might not be able to take care of them properly. But on the other side I was thinking maybe my relatives would be happy if I brought a new pet in our house since our fish recently died. I just then decided to buy them then.

Fortunately my family willingly and cheerfully welcomed them. They got so excited to see them. Carried them in their arms while talking to them (wishing they’d understand what we’re talking about). Then let them freely jump around the house for a few minutes, then carry them again.

They eat pellets, cabbage and water spinach. I was trying to find them grass hay but unfortunately it is not available in our area. My grandma always scolds me whenever I forget to feed them! Sometimes I am just so occupied with schoolworks and sometimes I am really lazy. But whatever, they are still alive.

I don’t know how much time they still got on earth but I’m willing to give my spare time taking care of them. It’s like you want to see them when you wake up in the morning and check them before you sleep at night. I almost felt like they were my babies! lol.

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Steve Jobs

Hanggang sa mga sandaling ito, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na wala na sya. Kasi sayang, hindi ko man lang sya nakita sa personal. Ang dami dami nyang naging contribution sa mundo, lalo na sa technology. Ang galing talaga nya. Kakaiba sya mag-isip. Isa pang gusto ko sa kanya ay ung kakahayan nyang makapaghanap ng tao na alam nyang magiging instrument para mapaganda pa ang products ng Apple. 

Hindi naman kami close, katulad ng ibang tao, pero nakakalungkot lang talaga na wala na sya. Anyways, kailangan tanggapin un. Goodluck sa Apple.

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